Changes to KS2 SATs in 2017: useful information for parents with children in primary school.

This article has useful information about SATs, maths, reading and writing, the dates scheduled for SAT’s this year and SAT’s past papers both new and old. I would recommend using the old ones at home as there aren’t many created in the new format and your child’s school is most likely to want to use the most recent one as a mock paper to give a good indication as to how well they will do in the real thing.

Everyone at some point has had trouble with times tables….

Why not get someone who lives with you to test you on the times tables you find difficult whilst dinner is cooking or you are journeying in the car. The person who is testing you doesn’t even need to know the answers themselves, they can check your answer on a calculator. The key to learning times tables is repetition and without them it makes learning maths just that little bit harder.